Monday, October 19, 2009

Networking in Michigan

This week's topic is a little off the beaten path from weddings, since a couple weeks ago I got to do a "Meet Up" with a fabulous Graphic Artist, Kat at Kat has been a in the field for alot of years with alot of experience. Originally from Flint, she now resides in Port Huron, MI. We met in Etsy's forums, More Meaningful Gifts thread. It is a wonderful networking group, where designers, artists and crafters exchange biz ideas. Over the past year, Kat had designed Banners, Avatars, and now, my NEW business cards,Pictured Above! aren't they awesome!!

Here are some awesome mini notecards Kat gave me that she>>> makes and sells on her website at
Her service fees are so very reasonably priced, and her background enables her to give you creative advise for whatever direction your business is going in.

Our lunch was so enjoyable and I recognized her right away in the parking lot. We went to Michelle's restuarant in Warren, awesome polish food. This was a great experience, if you ever have the opportunity to meet someone you're networking with in your area, go for it!


  1. It was awesome that you two were able to meet! Sounds like you had a great time!

  2. Awe, thanks Michele for the nice write up! You are a doll! I had the best time meeting you, and we will do it again!

    I still haven't gotten a meeting for Michigan Etsy artists out of my mind. I think we are getting into the kooky busy season now tho. Maybe spring?


  3. I'm jealous! I got to lunch with Bambu a while back (Not sure you know her, Amore, she was on the list for a while). We chatted like old friends the instant we met, so fun!

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  5. I'm jealous too! Hopefully I'll get to meet you both when I take a railroad-trip across the US. :)

  6. I absolutely love Kat (H20works). She is my ETSY mom for being my first sales and leading me to MMG thread. Her stuff are absoutely wonderful.