Thursday, March 11, 2010


My Custom Tropical Orchids and Callas Bouquet!
More info on my bouquet at the link below:

Gaining in popularity are the getaway romantic weddings! Anything goes, from large receptions to intimitate family and friends gathering on a beach or gorgeous tropical paradise! Also popular are my Tropical Bouquets. I have some already made in tropical colors and florals, or I accomodate alot of custom design requests. The one to the left is unique in mixing gorgeous silk orchids and other realistic colorful blooms........careful, you might want to
water it!
My original design is such a fav of bold color mix of purple lisianthus, two different types of lavender and purple orchids, red phalanopsis orchid, and a punch of orange and mini poppies. Of course, the small calla lillies steal the stage, finished off with a partial orange satin ribbon to make all of it pop. Visit my shop at
for more info ideas and to contact me for customizing requests
Complete this look by tossing the traditional veil into the ocean, and don this crowning glory of coordinating
miniature blooms and jewels, exquisitely designed by me
to go with the Tropical Bridal Bouquet!!
These Floral Designs are results of a joint effort of the bride
describing what she would like to me designing just for her!
Want something more simple? I created a new twist, tropical with wonderful Gerberas. This one is an assortment of colors with some green berry sprigs, you can choose any colors or combo you wish! Feel free to check it out at my link below >>>>>>

Monday, February 1, 2010

B E A C H Weddings!!

My newest creation, a Beach Bouquet where you can just hear the waves and feel the sand!

Ivory Anemones and Gerberas take the stage along with soft organza turqyoise blossoms, seashells dogwood blooms and a finishing vamp wrap with chocolate brown and thin turqyois overlay. My unforgettable "sea berries" complete the handle!!
You can find this and more of my original, exquisite Wedding flowers here:

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I Love SPRING and the WEDDINGS it brings!! I get to experience it early because of all the custom requests I design for this years wedding season. The above silk daisy bouquet is one of my ever popular bouquets because so many people think it is real. I get at least one e-mail a day asking about how I ship them because "are they real or fake"?? I hate the word fake, artificial, makes them sound undesirable, and they totally are not! Last year a frantic bride called me because her Mom tried "watering" her bouquet because she thought it was fresh flowers! LOL to me, but I did have to do some FREE repairs for the bride, I took it as a compliment, but didn't want my bride to have a wet bouquet! View More about it, here:

The above picture is another popular head piece, Daisy Flower Crown.
Is so versatile for brides, brides maids and flower girls.

View More about it at the link below:

And of course, don't forget the Tropical Bouquets, my favorites full of bright colors and Orchids, Callas, mini orange poppies, purple dendrobiums, yellow lillies and more!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

MORE than just Weddings, Thanksgiving Centerpieces and Beyond!!

Since we will be celebrating Turkey Day soon, I have used my wedding centerpiece ideas for awesome Hostess Gifts as well!! These are my original wine toppers, made with a sturdy wire base, embelished with florals, gourds, and of course grapes and corks. Only $8.95 each, make your wine gift for your hostess the best dresed wine bottle! Custom orders on these, of course. And you can purchase them from either of my on-line shops at:

And for all your Wedding Flowers, Bridal Bouquets, and Accessories:

Flowers are my Passion...........and creating Gifts and Weddings that bloom are what I do best!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wedding Flowers, Unique and Original Silk Bouquets

Anything goes today when it comes to stylish weddings. I have been a floral designer for over 20 years, and lately modern brides want color, fun and originality! I enjoyed coming up with my latest design, Peacock Purple Passion Bouquet. It is very stylized in a holder with gorgeous peacock feathers, shades of deep purple blooms in lisianthus, hydrangeas, mini irises, posies and euc and foxtail for accents.

I can customize for any colors, themes or flowers for your special day. Visit my website for more ideas at

Monday, October 19, 2009

Networking in Michigan

This week's topic is a little off the beaten path from weddings, since a couple weeks ago I got to do a "Meet Up" with a fabulous Graphic Artist, Kat at Kat has been a in the field for alot of years with alot of experience. Originally from Flint, she now resides in Port Huron, MI. We met in Etsy's forums, More Meaningful Gifts thread. It is a wonderful networking group, where designers, artists and crafters exchange biz ideas. Over the past year, Kat had designed Banners, Avatars, and now, my NEW business cards,Pictured Above! aren't they awesome!!

Here are some awesome mini notecards Kat gave me that she>>> makes and sells on her website at
Her service fees are so very reasonably priced, and her background enables her to give you creative advise for whatever direction your business is going in.

Our lunch was so enjoyable and I recognized her right away in the parking lot. We went to Michelle's restuarant in Warren, awesome polish food. This was a great experience, if you ever have the opportunity to meet someone you're networking with in your area, go for it!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

RED! I'm into Red, Winter Weddings <3

Ahhhhhh...........the classic red rose, designing now for winter weddings, I had to give this bouquet an edge, with black!! Very stunning, classy and different.
Winter Weddings have a special feel, warm........cozy...........festive!

Let's not forget traditional styles like the pretty above
with deep red roses, white ribbon and the fav white bridal

View more of my creations, and I can customize your wedding florals
according to your colors, flowers and likes!
Stay tuned for a very different Red Bouquet, going beyond the traditional rose!